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$599.00 Disclaimer

Prices of our puppies start as low as $599.00 and depend on many factors such as overall quality, colors, ages, breeds, pedigree, and availability, pricing can go up from there. You can learn more about puppy pricing here.

Puppies offered for $599.00 may be listed and/or used on our website(s), social media, digital ads, print ads, affiliate websites, and other websites and online marketing campaigns with the promotion price. Puppy listings with promotional pricing and without may or may not be removed from our website or have an availability notification posted on the listing. A puppy listed on our website(s) should not be deemed available by the user/customer and for the current availability of puppies the user/customer must stop into our kennel during regular business hours.

Puppies available for $599.00 are subject to applicable taxes and documentation and handling charges.

Select A Puppy does not at any time guarantee to have a puppy priced at $599.00 available at all times. In addition, Select A Puppy does not at any time guarantee to have puppies priced at $599.00 in all breeds, colors, ages, timeframes, etc.

Select A Puppy reserves the right to change or cancel promotions at any time

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