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Our Business Began with a Simple Concept. To Redefine Our Industry By Setting New Standards and Daring To Do What Was Thought To Be impossible.

Select A Puppy was established with the goal of redefining the industry and setting new standards in puppy care. Owned and operated by a local pet professional with years of dog experience, our business is dedicated to providing the public with a diverse selection of adorable, purebred and designer bred puppies that are perfectly suited to fit both your lifestyle and budget.

Our knowledgeable team consists of experienced dog trainers, breeders, and groomers, all of whom possess a wealth of expertise with dogs. They are here to address any inquiries you may have and help guide you through the process of choosing the ideal breed that aligns with your preferences and requirements. We understand that each breed has its own unique personality, and we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to select the perfect furry companion to become a cherished member of your family.

At Select A Puppy, our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. We provide continuous after-sale support to all of our puppy purchasers. Our aim is to ensure that your experience with Select A Puppy not only provides you with a new furry friend but also gives them the best chance to adjust and thrive in their new home for years to come.

Our location in Middletown, NJ allows us to conveniently serve the communities of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and New York as well. We take pride in being a trusted resource for individuals seeking a loyal and loving companion.

Choose Select A Puppy and experience the difference of our exceptional service, quality puppies, and dedication to your satisfaction.

At Select A Puppy, we have a zero tolerance policy for illegally operating breeders/sellers (commonly known as puppy mills). Each breeder that Select A Puppy works with works hard to meet and/or exceed any local, state, and/or federal laws applicable to them. Breeders that Select A Puppy works with work hard taking care of the dogs and to ensure that the puppies in their care grow up happy and healthy. Breeders work diligently to raise their puppies, providing a clean and safe environment for the parents/puppies, providing veterinary care and proper nutrition, and ensuring that each puppy is provided with a good start utilizing proper nutrition, socialization, and vaccinations. Because of all the hard work that the breeders put into their puppies prior to sale, it is equally important to Select A Puppy that the our customers provide a good home for the puppies.

Select A Puppy offers puppies for sale from a wide variety of breeders/sellers throughout the United States. Breeders have puppies for sale from working lines, show lines, and/or companion lines, but regardless of the backgrounds of the parents, each puppy offered for sale at Select A Puppy is represented and sold as pet quality only with no warrantees or guarantees expressed or implied, by either Select A Puppy or the breeder/seller, for the ultimate conformation, coloration, weight, height, or any other beed standard requirement for any registry. 

Each puppy will be provide with age appropriate vaccinations and parasite control prior to the puppy going to its new home. 

Select A Puppy will have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian in New Jersey prior to being offered for sale and periodically while in our care to ensure that the puppy is fit for sale and ready for its new home.

Never had a dog before? New to a breed and not sure about training, grooming, and care?

With support via phone, emails, and/or videos, Select A Puppy will help guide you and your puppy in the right direction throughout your new puppy’s journey into adulthood to ensure that he or she becomes a happy family member and you have the skills and knowledge to be a good dog owner.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of pet lovers that receive extensive training to ensure that our animal care protocols are strictly followed for the wellbeing of our puppies. Our staff love what they do and continue to strive in all aspects of animal care and customer relations. We pride ourselves in providing a variety of pertinent pet care information to our customers to better assist them in their decision to add a pet to their family

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