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All of Our Puppies Come with Free Unlimited Dog Training Through Our E-Course.

Before a customer even takes their new puppy home, our staff goes through housebreaking procedures step-by-step. Our housebreaking techniques are applied around a working couple’s schedule and require no paper training. In addition, some breeds can be litter box trained which works well for elderly clients, customers that work long hours, or apartment dwellers. Of course, once the puppy is at home, the training goes further. Our staff is available by phone seven days a week for any questions or advice the new puppy owners have about housebreaking, feeding, problem correction etc. In addition, our website offers private access to an online site with tons of advice covering many aspects of obedience training, socialization, feeding, and care for your puppy!

All puppies come with Free Unlimited Lifetime Training. Our digital course is designed for humans and dogs and covers the basics of puppyhood to the more advanced training techniques such as off-leash and hand signal. Our course is mobile friendly with field sheets to practice in the backyard along with videos, pictures, and of course, a lot of text.


Starting with the Basics

The Basics Training program covers getting home with your new puppy to the first few months, but don't worry if you want to talk to someone, we're here for you.


Adolescence & Basic Training

This training program will bring you from puppyhood to adolescence. Our basic training program will start with the basics like heeling and problem corrections.


Advanced Training

The Advanced Training section is for any human or dog ready for the challenge. We cover off-leash, hand signal, long-leash, and more.

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