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The transport and arrival of the puppies is an important step in their wellbeing after leaving their mom and we want to make that experience as relaxing as possible. For that reason, each puppy is delivered to us by licensed and inspected transportation vehicles that are in compliance of state and federal regulations, driven by experienced drivers, and cared for by puppy technicians that provide quality of care during their travel time.

Ensuring that our puppies are safely and securely transported from the breeder when they are old enough to be weaned and are ready to leave their moms for their forever home is an important first step in their journey to Select A Puppy.

For this reason, each of our puppies is transported by a licensed and inspected transport vehicle that complies with all state and federal regulations. Each transport vehicle is driven by experienced drivers and the puppies are cared for by puppy technicians that provide quality of care during travel times. This ensures that our puppies arrive to us with minimal upset, and they are soon ready for their new homes!

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