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Havanese 8728

The cheerful Havanese dog originally from Cuba charms people with its silky flowing, hypo-allergenic coat in numerous color combinations, a springy curly tail tipping sideways during joyful prances, soft expressive eyes, and sweet, outgoing disposition eager to receive and return abundant affection from humans. Havanese crave attention and interaction with indulgent humans ready to oblige and the breed enjoys being part of all family activities whether it be cuddling on the couch or camping in the woods. An adaptable breed that does well in an apartment or the family farm, the happy-go-lucky Havanese will win over everyone it comes in contact with and makes an excellent pet for almost any family ready to provide him with a good home. The long silky coat does require consistent grooming to prevent matting but the lucky owner won’t be vacuuming fur very often!

About Me

  1. Appearance: Havanese puppies have a silky, profuse double coat that can come in various colors and patterns. They have a sturdy yet small build with expressive eyes and a plumed tail that curls over their back.
  2. Temperament: They are known for being affectionate, friendly, and sociable dogs. Havanese puppies typically bond closely with their families and are good with children, other pets, and strangers.
  3. Intelligence: Havanese are highly trainable and intelligent dogs, which makes them adept at learning tricks and commands. They enjoy mental stimulation.
  4. Activity Level: While they have moderate energy levels, Havanese puppies still require regular exercise and playtime to stay healthy and happy.
  5. Adaptability: They adapt well to various living situations, whether in apartments or larger homes, making them suitable for different types of households.


    DOB 10/7/23

    chlt & wh

    rec’d 12/12/23

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