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Morkie 9223

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  1. Appearance: Morkie puppies often have a soft, silky coat that can inherit traits from both the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier parents. Their appearance varies, but they generally have a cute, small stature.
  2. Temperament: They are known for their affectionate, playful, and friendly nature. Morkie puppies usually bond closely with their families and enjoy being involved in daily activities.
  3. Intelligence: Morkies are smart and can learn quickly, but they might inherit a bit of stubbornness from their terrier lineage. Consistent, patient training is important.
  4. Size: As a small breed, Morkie puppies typically remain small in size, making them suitable for apartment living or smaller spaces.
  5. Adaptability: They adapt well to various living situations and tend to get along with children, other pets, and strangers if properly socialized.


    DOB 10/6/23


    rec’d 12/12/23

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